About Me

Before we begin...What exactly am I an expert of?  I'd say nothing, more a Jack of all Trades / Master of Nothing. That being said, it is a reference to this comedy sketch.

I am currently serving as a consulting Operations Manager for Aggressive Comix, an entertainment media site focused on Pop Culture and celebrating all that is nerd.  I am based out of New York and currently managing a number of initiatives including a major revamp of the website.

I have also served in a number of professional roles most notably in the field of Financial Trading Software. I am currently employed at J.P. Morgan Chase,  where I leverage a combined 6 years as a Senior Technical Support Analyst at Fidessa Corporation and Bloomberg L.P..  Both of which are well respected on the global stage for providing high performance market data and trading systems for a full spectrum of asset classes.

I received my B.S. in Computer Science and Business from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. in 2008.

In the eSports and Twitch.tv livestreaming communities, I am better known as PanicSwitched and have served in a number of freelance roles to help grow this burgeoning industry.  I provided advisory and consultation services for many members of the community as well as acting as a Content / Talent Manager for a number of promising livestreaming talents.  Nearly all of the talents I have worked with, have achieved major growth and success  in terms of earnings and average viewer counts.

I have a number of other hobbies and skills and am eager to learn new things.  Some of these skills include:

  • Programming / Scripting – Numerous languages, mostly hobby level to perform odd jobs
  • Game Design – I’ve come up with dozens of ideas, check out the blog for details!
  • Web Design and Development
  • Event Photography / Videography – Covering events like New York ComiCon and C2E2
  • Post-Processing  via Adobe LightRoom & Photoshop
  • Video Editing via Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Plastic Modelling (Various levels) – Check out the blog for more!